Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

December 13th Breakfast with Santa                   7:30am to 12Noon

Eggs, French Toast, Pancakes, Cream Dried Beef, Bacon, Sausage, Potatoes, Toast. Santa will arrive at 9am until 11am.

Adults, $7. Children 5-10, $3. Children under 5, free. Re-orders, $2. Take out, $8.

*Prices will be increasing Jan 10th Breakfast.

Jan 10th Breakfast                                               7:30am to 12Noon

Feb 14th Breakfast                                                  7:30am to 12Noon

March 13th Breakfast                                          7:30am to 12Noon

April 10th Breakfast                                            7:30am to 12Noon

May 8th Breakfast                                                7:30am to 12Noon


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