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Dec 9th Breakfast  with SANTA 7:30am to Noon

Come to the firehouse and enjoy some Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs, Cream Dried Beef, Sausage, Bacon, Potatoes, Toast.
Adults, $8. Children 5-10, $4. Children under 5, free. Re-orders, $3. To-go, $9.

SANTA will be at the firehouse from 8am to 1130am!!


Jan 13th Breakfast 7:30am to Noon

Feb 10th Breakfast 7:30am to Noon

March 10th Breakfast 7:30am to Noon

April 14th Breakfast 7:30am to Noon

May 12th Breakfast 7:30am to Noon


                                          Thank you for all your support!!

For Sale Red Veneer Brick Flats

New still in the boxes which is 3 pallets

11,032 flat bricks which is approximately 2,000 sq ft

784 Corner Bricks which is approximately 147 Linear Ft

Part # V091602552700    Color 0255   Blend 5

Looking for best offer

Please call Chuck at 215 534 4890

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